The Life Transforming Diet

Based on the wisdom of Maimonides (Rambam), one of the greatest Jewish sages who ever lived and the outstanding doctor of his time, the Life-Transforming Diet will give you the tools for optimum emotional and physical health, a more spiritual outlook and sustainable weight loss, no matter what your age, gender or occupation.


The Life-Transforming Diet offers you:

  • Gradual, step-by-step implementation of a new approach to eating: you don’t go cold turkey
  • Theoretical and practical information, including insights into how we form bad habits and tips for laying the foundation for new, better ones
  • A simple, quick and well-rounded exercise program that doesn’t require a financial commitment
  • A do-it-yourself support system that takes only a few minutes a day
  • Advice for Shabbos and other dieting challenges
  • An intelligent and realistic maintenance program


David Zulberg

David Zulberg is considered one of the foremost experts in Maimonides’ medical works. Zulberg holds a Masters from Columbia University and is an ACE-certified fitness specialist and health coach. He is the author of the best-selling Life Transforming Diet (Feldheim Publishers), The 5 Skinny Habits (Rodale Publishers) and The Mind Body Synergy Diet (Skinny Habits). He is also a prolific writer of current health challenges, which have appeared in many popular online and print media publications. He has also been interviewed on ABC, CBS and PIX 11.

"You should eat only when you are hungry and drink only when you are thirsty"




''Even someone who exercises regularly will become obese if he constantly eats refined bread.''



''Maintaining your emotions in equilibrium, during health and illness, must take precedence over any other regimen.''


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