• The Life Transforming Diet is in its sixth printing and has been translated into various languages.
  • It has produced thousands of success stories worldwide
  • Make only 1 change a week.
  • In this eBook, the Day-to-Day is outlined clearly with Updated nutritional and fitness guidelines.
  • It also includes the main principles of Behavior Modification.



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Fantastic and life changing
Clear and easy to follow, user friendly and offers a logical approach. I incorporated this plan into my life and lost almost 80 pounds so far. I am very grateful to this author for sharing this approach which suited me so well.
Throw away all your diet books
Finally, someone has done the hard work and brought the revolutionary concepts of Maimonides into the modern world. Make no mistake. Author Zulberg has done his homework. He has read virtually all of the existing literature on Maimonides’ medical concepts, and he has personally interviewed Dr. Fred Rosner, a leading researcher into the modern applications of Maimonides’ medical approach. I know. I’ve been researching this area myself for two years. This is a major scholarly work. Don’t underestimate it. Zulberg brilliantly combines Maimonides’ medical technology with the advanced concepts of behavioral science enunciated by Rabbi Yisroel Salanter to produce a diet system that will permanently change your relationship to food and exercise, with no backsliding and relapse. Get this book now. There is nothing on the market that compares with it!
Behavioral Modification
This is a program based as much on behavioral modification as on the types and quantities of food. When taken seriously and seen as a manual for lifestyle change rather than a short term diet, it has a more lasting effect. The diet contains information and instruction regarding food combinations that were new concepts for me. I liked the idea of gradualy implementing the recommended changes. It makes the program more palatable than one which promotes drastic changes from the outset. I would recommend this book to anyone willing to incorporate the spiritual together with the physical aspects of lifestyle and dietary changes.
Portland, OR United States
This system works. The first time I used it, I lost 20 pounds with barely more thought than what it took to check the book to see what I was supposed to be doing this week.
Stands all other diets on their head
The approach presented in this book completely turns the world of the “habitual dieter” on it’s head. I have tried and failed at many approaches to lose weight over the years. There were healthy ones that included exercise and moderation to more extreme versions such as Atkins and South Beach, calorie counting and separation diets. The first thing that struck me in this book what the underlying principle – the Subconscious Accumulation Process (SAP). What it basically says is that just as we get into unhealthy habits, we can and should get into healthy ones – slowly but surely. Overtime, it becomes second nature and bad cravings go away. This is the most important component of this book, culled from the wisdom of generations of philosophers (chiefly Maimonides, but there are several others). Everything else is based on common sense, modern medical/diet science advances and the current realities of our world.

Los Angeles
I purchased the LTD book recently and I haven’t been able to put it down. It’s like a gift from G-d, and I would like to thank David Zulberg for sharing his years of research. I am a licensed physical therapist. Since having children I have developed a passion for nutrition… I myself lost 40 pounds by adopting a healthy lifestyle and I do yoga twice weekly, as well as using my elliptical trainer and my barbells. My mentors, apart from David Zulberg now, is Dr Joel Fuhrman, Dr John McDougall, Dr Neil Barnard, Dr Dean Ornish, Dr Douglas Lisle and Dr Colin Campbell. I was thrilled when I saw David Zulberg’s book andlearned the LTD. I truly believe that the LTD will enable me to maintain my goal weight. It is a comprehensive plan that covers all aspect of a healthy lifestyle

Registered Dietician, USA
I am very taken with David Zulber’s work. I am a Registered Dietitian in the Philadelphia community. I teach nutrition and weight loss classes, conduct private counseling, and am the program director at the University of Pennsylvania’s new weight loss outpatient programs. I have run a successful private nutrition counseling and consulting practice for 15 years, previous to taking this position at the University. His approach holds simplicity, yet coupled with timeless wisdom, is a profound and wonderful contribution to the world of health. I utilize the LT Diet principles in my effort to maintain a healthy weight today

I would like to congratulate you for bringing out an amazing book that has changed my life on many different levels! I am a personal trainer in London, England. I got married a few months ago and inevitably put on a considerable amount of weight. Almost immediately after starting the diet, I felt and saw the changes. I have lost 40 pounds so far. Many thanks.

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BEWARE this is not a diet that…

  • aims for short-term quick fix results
  • enforces a list of forbidden and permitted foods
  • cuts out food groups
  • forbids snacking
  • expects no ‘cheating’
  • ignores behavior modification principles


ONLY READ on if you are interested in…


  • Centuries of research by world famous physicians, primarily Maimonides
  • The most current nutritional and fitness science
  • Understanding how you can condition the mind and body
  • Approved by Doctors and Nutritionists


LT Diet slide

[title size=”2″]WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT ON THE LT DIET[/title]

Make just 1 change a week in 3 Phases, allowing you to steadily create new food and exercise patterns for healthy weight loss, and a healthy lifestyle. This eBook provides the full practical process on the program but this is what you can expect on the program.

phase 1

Light MealWeek 1: Light Meal. Your first change is to replace just one meal a day with a lighter one – typically a fruit bowl, a salad, or other light options like cereal, eggs and toast.

Week 2: Exercise. Studies show that exercise improves permanent weight loss statistics and reduces body fat, not just weight.  Exercise prevents disease and reduces stress levels. This week, simply add 10 minutes of cardio to your routine, just 3 times per week.

Week 3: Substitution. This week is all about snacking, replacing your usual snacks with water, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, or fruit between meals.

cf mealWeek 4: Main CF Meal. “CF” stands for concentrated food – in addition to your light meal, you’ll now replace your largest meal of the day with one that has both protein and vegetables. You can even have a glass of red wine with this one!

Week 5: Light CF Meal. The Light One CF Meal is simply a lighter version of the One CF Principle. Examples include a large salad with a protein topping, a vegetable omelet with nonfat cheese, pasta with marinara sauce, potatoes eaten with some olive oil and toasted bread.

phase 2

Life Transforming DietLT DietWeek 1: Exercise at least 20 min cardio and body strengthening exercises

Week 2: Continue with previous week and reinforce

Week 3: At least 30 min cardio and more advanced strengthening exercises

phase 3

Mixed Meal. For this meal, you can include any item from any food group, including healthy grains and carbs like a tuna wrap or chicken sandwich. But when you reach for seconds, reach for veggies only.

smart exceptionsMaintenance: After the Phases, a Maintenance plan helps keep you on track, adds more flexibility to your diet, and includes more snacking options and tips on how to handle “excursions” or detours from your new habits.

It’s crucial to not jump stages in this program. The goal is to introduce one positive habit each week. In the first week, you will make only one change. In the second week, you will continue with your first change, then add one more – and so on. It is important to make only the one change every week, and keep the rest of your routine exactly the same. These are the steps to changing your habits for good.

[separator top=”40″][title size=”3″]5 Skinny Habits[/title]

This eBook will also prepare you to apply the 5 Skinny Habits program effectively – which is a shorter version of the program. Principles are the same and the long term success on the program depends on a deep understanding of the underlying principles and sources. This eBook outlines all this information, which is not available on that website.

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[title size=”3″]About the author of the LT Diet[/title]

After a personal struggle with weight gain and health issues, David Zulberg began studying the timeless health principles pioneered by leading ancient physicians such as Maimonides, Galen and Hippocrates – and was soon the foremost expert in his field.

After more than a decade of research and training, Zulberg became one of the first to apply these time-tested methods to modern fitness and nutrition practices from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the USDA Dietary Guidelines, and more. The result is a unique formula that has been proven over centuries, and endorsed by leading doctors and nutritionists.

Zulberg is an ACE certified Fitness Specialist and certified Health Coach. He holds an MA in Business from Columbia University, and studied at the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Zulberg is also the author of the best-selling Life Transforming Diet and the 5 Skinny Habits program. It has produced thousands of success stories worldwide.

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Motivation simply relies on inspiration and will power. Even if you are highly motivated, you still have to contend with old stubborn habits. In order to achieve long-term success, changing habits is essential. Habitual change causes a subconscious inner change. This way you are not fighting against human nature.


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Obesity (from the Latin obesus, one who has become plump from eating) first appears in western medical literature in Thomas Venner’s Via Recta in 1620. However, many centuries before, Maimonides had already addressed this. A disease which has been reported almost 400 years ago in western medical literature, but who’s incidence continues to rise in epidemic proportions.

Obesity is a chronic multifaceted disease that requires multimodal management. To archive success significant life changes need to be made. Dietary manipulation, increase in physical activity and behavior modification need to be introduced. The shortcoming of many diet programs is that they focus on only one aspect of the problem, without acknowledging obesity has multiple causes. A holistic balanced approach is required if one hopes to achieve and maintain success in weight management.

The Life Transforming Diet puts forward a weight loss program that addresses dietary, exercise and behavioral aspects of eating. I like the idea of combining ancient sources with current opinion. The current medical literature and advice is all sound and well researched. The eating plan itself certainly fits all the current recommended guidelines.

One of the misconceptions people have about weight loss is that rapid and large changes are desirable or even possible. The importance of gradual and sustained changes is emphasized in this book. Our medical teachers often remind us that teachings which were once regarded as outdated and obsolete regularly come back into practice when new facts about them are discovered. The understanding of proper nutrition is returning to the principles espoused by Maimonides.

It is my belief that this book will be of great benefit to those that read it and apply its principles appropriately.

Maimonides (Rambam) is considered one of the greatest physicians of antiquity. Maimonides was court physician to the Sultan of Egypt. The Sultan once asked him, “How can I tell that you are a competent physician? You have never treated me for any illness, because I am healthy.” Maimonides responded, “The reason you have not been ill is because you have followed my instructions. The skill of a physician is to prevent one from becoming ill.”

Maimonides describes a course for healthy living, and makes the bold claim that whoever adheres to his instructions will not become ill, and will die only of old age… A statement by Maimonides guaranteeing good health if one adheres to his regimen has the force of law.

David Zulberg has taken Maimonides’ instructions for proper nutrition, accompanied by other suggestions for proper living, and made them available in an easily understood form. It is a major contribution to a feld where there is so much controversy and confusion. As a codifier of Jewish law, Maimonides’ opinion has great impact even today. Zulberg’s work may prove that this is equally true of his instructions on nutrition.

The research in this book is exemplary. The sources used for the exercise guidelines, the ACSM and the Journal of the American Medical Association, are the most accurate and leaders in the sport medicine and wellness industry.

At last year’s FIFA Medical Conference, Prof Karim Kahn spoke about how inactivity is killing the American population as it leads to chronic diseases and obesity. The LT Diet cardio advice and eight strengthening exercise routine is a total body workout which can be mastered in the comfort of your own home.

Most diets are expensive and still lead back to old bad habits. This LT Diet program teaches how to implement small and practical steps. My patients love the program as they experience results in a defined time frame. I recommend this book, not only to people who want a permanent solution but also to professionals in the field.

Thank you.

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