FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How is this program different from other diets?
what can i eat diet recipies mealsThis sums it up from Dr. Charlene Wolberg: “Obesity is a chronic multifaceted disease that requires multimodal management. Dietary manipulation, increase in physical activity and behavior modification need to be introduced. The shortcoming of many diet programs is that they focus on only one aspect of the problem, without acknowledging obesity has multiple causes. A holistic balanced approach is required if one hopes to achieve and maintain success in weight management. This program puts forward a weight loss program that addresses dietary, exercise and behavioral aspects of eating.” (Dr. Charlene Wolberg MD, Medical Director)
Are the habits and principles in accordance with current nutritional and fitness guidelines?
Doctors and nutritionists have endorsed this program. “It includes the most current research as supported by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and government initiatives such as the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans.” (Barbie Lazar MS, RD, LD/N) “I like the idea of combining ancient sources with current opinion. The current medical literature and advice is all sound and well researched. The eating plan itself certainly fits all the current recommended guidelines.” (Dr. Charlene Wolberg MD, Medical Director)
Why include ancient health principles?
Sadly, timeless health principles have been lost to the general populace over time. Like a well-kept secret, this formula of health was passed down to a select few in later generations. In fact, until about fifty years ago, a sect of people living in Yemen followed these same health principles and had an average life span of 100 hundred years! At the same time, we know that science has made great strides in understanding nutrition and health and this is why current scientific guidelines have been incorporated.
Are the exercise guidelines current and easy to implement?
“The sources used for the exercise guidelines, the ACSM and the Journal of the American Medical Association, are the most accurate and leaders in the sport medicine and wellness industry. Most diets are expensive and still lead back to old bad habits. This program teaches how to implement small and practical steps. My patients love the program as they experience results in a defined time frame. I recommend this book, not only to people who want a permanent solution but also to professionals in the field.” (Natascha Louw
 – M.A, Biokineticist and fitness specialist)
Are any food groups restricted? Is this a low carb diet?
This program incorporates the most current Dietary Guidelines, which provide scientific advice to promote health and to reduce risk for chronic diseases through diet and physical activity. As each food group provides a wide array of nutrients in substantial amounts, it is important to include all food groups in your daily diet. You should be eating a diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, milk, oils, and discretionary calories. The diet principles are in alignment with these recommendations.
Is calorie counting required?
Calories are not the main focus of this program because our main aim is to reinstate the integrity of our body signals. This is done through a balance of nutritional, fitness, and behavior modification principles.

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Is there a list of permitted and forbidden foods?
There is no list of permitted or forbidden foods. This does not mean that we should ignore specific nutritional advice, but ultimately the truth of a system lies in the effectiveness of its main principles—principles that are logical and promote healthy practices that are applicable in every time while being implemented at the right pace.

If you would like to see which foods fall in particular food groups, take a look at this post – Food Groups

Are there success stories? How much weight will I lose?
There is no way to determine at what pace each individual will lose weight. No one is the same. Since I began following this program, I have lost about thirty pounds and kept it off, and so have thousands of other people. Some people lose weight rapidly. We have seen multiple people lose over 15 pounds in their first month. Other people barely lost any weight initially, which is not a failure. Our main goal during the 5 weeks is to build a solid foundation for future long-term success. Remember, this is not a fad diet. While rapid weight loss is motivating at first, your habits are more powerful than motivation over the long term – and it’s all too easy to fall back on bad habits when trying to keep up with an unrealistic regimen. Once you’ve changed your habits for good, you can expect to lose about 1-2 pounds per week but everyone loses weight at a different pace. It is possible to achieve longevity, outstanding health, and a body that is in excellent shape. Let’s put an end to the frightening health and weight loss statistics. You are on your way to experiencing all the many rewards a healthy lifestyle promises >Go to Success Stories
What if I cheat?
Don’t worry, “excursions,” as we call them, are an expected part of this journey. It’s easy to get back on track. See my post on this subject. Most importantly, it is an expected part of the journey and behavior modification process.
Can I track my progress?
A journal or diary forces you to make an honest self-accounting. They are pivotal to the success of a health program. It is often the difference between short-term results and long-term success. I have seen this clearly after getting feedback from thousands of readers. The Mind Body Synergy diary only takes 2-3 minutes each night to keep track of your progress, and you will gain valuable insight into how you deal with your food challenges each day. See Mind Body Synergy Contemplation chart and diary 
Can I get involved and become a Group Leader
Yes! Please read the requirements. It is free to set up and you can inspire others, while earning membership fees. We have set it all up for you. Read More
How can I ask questions about the program or post insights?
See the different options for asking questions, posting experiences and insights on our contact page. To join the private community, you must have joined a webinar.
Where can I find the online calculators
You can find links in the footer of the website. Here are the links 🙂

Do you have simple exercise guidelines?
Yes! Read these two short articles:

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