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There is nothing better than hearing about inspiring success stories from all over the world. I am always amazed when I read about them. It motivates me to continue on the right track and it motives so many other people to push forward and make that change. I would love to hear from you and share your experience.

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David Zulberg


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I wanted to thank you wholeheartedly for a weight-loss system that has helped me to create a healthier self. To date, I have lost 95 pounds, and I hope to continue applying these positive habits to my daily life. I still follow your program and exercise regularly. May God reward your efforts and may we merit living a healthy life that enhances our purpose in every area of life. Lost 95 Pounds

Esther, Oak Park, Michigan, USA

I would like to thank David Zulberg for sharing his years of research. It’s a gift from G-d. I am a licensed physical therapist. While having children, I developed a passion for nutrition as I saw the health benefits that resulted from avoiding certain foods, preservatives, etc. I myself lost 40 pounds (I am at goal weight of 130 pounds at 5’5”) by adopting a healthy lifestyle. I do yoga twice weekly and use my elliptical trainer for 15 minutes (two to three times weekly), and my barbells as well. My mentors, apart from David Zulberg now, are Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Neil Barnard, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Colin Campbell, and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. Interestingly, during my search to gain as much knowledge about nutrition as I could, I decided to read Maimonides’s works and purchased Dr. Fred Rosner’s adaptations of Maimonides’s medical works. As you can imagine, I was thrilled when I saw Zulberg’s program. I truly believe that it will enable me to maintain my goal weight. It is a comprehensive plan that covers all aspects of a healthy lifestyle—mind, body, and soul. I especially like the idea of subconscious habit formation and agree that it is imperative that people reinforce positive behaviors to establish good habits that will eventually be ingrained into their lives. Introducing one change per week ensures that people are not overwhelmed and will enable greater compliance, as opposed to asking them to dramatically change their existing habits. I agree with encouraging short-duration exercise more frequently, because that is also more attainable than committing to at least 1 hour each session. I can go on and on regarding my interest in this program, but as you can see, I agree with all of its principles, and I am proud to share it with a wider audience. Licensed Physical Therapist

Sima, LA, USA

What makes this diet different from all the other diets I have endured? I think it is the brilliance of the subconscious habit formation process to form new positive habits in order to fight the old, established ones. I didn’t have to eliminate everything in one go. The emphasis is not on “willpower” alone. The focus is rather on the gradual development of good habits. It is so clever to quietly cultivate positive habits and to help them grow until they are big enough and strong enough to “fizzle out” the former monster “masters.” Becoming aware of the ability of my “creative” mind to predominate my decisions has been very enlightening, and I have never been so calm about food and food choices. I don’t really feel like any of my old temptations, and I’m not waiting for the opportunity to “break out.” I lost over 40 pounds and have not felt deprived or trapped—in fact, I feel energized—and most importantly it took me 6 months to do it! Lost 40 pounds

Lea, Johannesburg, South Africa

I began the diet somewhat skeptical (after many unsuccessful at-tempts at unsustainable diets). But I sure became a quick believer and possibly even a groupie. The stages are brilliantly structured in a way that makes them easy to begin and easy to sustain. Already in the few weeks I have been on the program, I have seen and felt a remarkable difference with my energy levels, my food choices, and my lack of cravings. I feel empowered understand-ing the reasons behind healthy choices, as opposed to just being handed a list of what’s taboo. My friends and family are telling me I am glowing. This program is truly life transforming because it hasn’t just affected my way of eating and viewing food, it has affected every single aspect of my life. I feel more disciplined, more motivated, and totally liberated. Instead of working for my body, I am getting my body to work for me. I wish you so much success, and I look forward to watching the impact this book is going to have on the entire globe. Lost more than 40 pounds

Robyn, Johannesburg, South Africa

I have been following the principles of the 5 Skinny Habits and I have lost 40 pounds. My type 2 diabetes is under control, and I am no longer on medication for it. My lab values show that I am healthier than I have been in years. This program really works and helps me focus on how to change my life gradually. It has been a great blessing to me. Thank you. Type 2 Diabetes

Kevin, Ohio, LA

I reached my 1-year anniversary at the end of May. In total I lost 35 pounds and have not been at this current weight since I was a teenager, and that was close to 20 years ago. I feel great and finally found a normal way of life in terms of eating. I, like many people, have tried numerous diets in the past 20 years, from Weight Watchers to fad diets to nutritionists. In some cases they worked, and once I was satisfied with my weight, I just gained it back and then some. I began to feel uncomfortable, reaching almost 200 pounds last May (2012). I decided to do something. I decided to try this program. I started at the end of May 2012 at 197 pounds and followed the principles meticulously. I changed my habits one week at a time, and I started to get back to exercising. The weight started coming off. Over the last 12 months I began to reach new record lows. I wanted to thank you for bringing Maimonides’s teachings into an easy-to-follow guide, and I have recommended the diet to so many others. Lost 35 Pounds

Joey, Brooklyn, NY

I was able to keep to the diet successfully over all the Festivals! I ate V-Plus meals but only had seconds of veggies at all meals. While I did have a small amount of something sweet, it wasn’t like before. I am also gluten free. I actually was the only one of my friends to not gain weight during them! I have so much more energy, and the fruit for breakfast is now second nature. I like that the diet is so simple to follow. I don’t have much weight to lose but just want to stay healthy! I was already an avid exerciser, exercising 5 to 6 days a week for 30 to 60 minutes each time. Revolutionize

Leeron, Johannesburg, South Africa

Over time, I started to develop unhealthy eating habits, eating lots of cheap, refined sugar products and refined wheat foods. I had become accustomed to my unhealthy eating habits and maintained them for the 9 months. That is around the time I went for a physical and came in at over 30 pounds more than my baseline. It’s also around the time that I needed to renew my passport ahead of a business trip. Of course I had seen myself every day in the mirror, but for some reason, when I took one look at my passport photo, the reality hit me hard that I needed to do something before my weight got any more out of control. As I was browsing one day, I came across this program. I went home and “ate it up.” That was the turning point. I followed all the instructions, and within a few months I lost over 30 pounds and have kept it off since. At the same time, my wife joined the plan with me and lost 25 pounds as well in just a few months, and has continued to now, having lost a total of 40 pounds! We now feel fit and healthy and could not have done it without these principles. Thank you!! Lost more than 30 pounds

Steve, Brooklyn, USA

I’ve always wished I had a clear, biblical-based guide for managing my food intake and succeeding in trimming off the extra pounds that weighed me down. The “principles,” based on Maimonides, became my guiding light and helped me lose—and keep off—35 pounds. The gradual successive steps help to train a person to develop proper eating habits and to know what is good and enjoy it. Here is an approach that allows for flexibility, enjoyment of good food, and the ability to eat in a healthy and satisfying manner. I have recommended this approach to others and continue to do so. Join the winning team, and feel the pleasure of success. Lost 35 Pounds

Mord, Michigan, USA

Upon being laid off from a very stressful job last year, I decided not to be defeated emotionally or physically by the upheaval. So I embarked on your regimen of exercise, healthy eating, and positive thinking. As a result, I lost 40 pounds. In addition, my cholesterol went down from a whopping 290 to 140! I feel both emotionally and physically better than I ever felt before. Lost 40 pounds

Jacob, NJ, USA

One of the main keys to success is to follow the program carefully and commit to following the guidelines for at least 2 months, no exceptions. We were not even trying to lose weight, because we didn’t think we could. . . . But week after week as the pounds came off, we realized the simplicity and effectiveness of these principles. My husband is in a wheelchair, so losing any weight was a real challenge. He put on 60 pounds in about a year but successfully took it off in about a year and a half using your guidelines. I had put on 30 pounds and took off almost 40 pounds in the same period of time. We have totally changed how we think of food. It’s now hard to go off the eating plan. When we have coffee in our local mall and see people buying pastries, it gives us a sick feeling . . . all that white flour, white sugar, trans fat . . . and you can see what happens to the people who eat it . . . they are turning into pastries themselves. Recently we visited the grave of Maimonides in Tiberias and thanked him for his teachings, wisdom, and common sense about all things holy, including how to nourish our bodies so we can continue in the way of God. Eating properly can make one’s connection to God stronger, affecting all aspects of one’s life. Much success to all who commit to following the guidelines. Don’t try . . . do it. Lost 60 and 40 pounds

Amos and Shoshana, BM, Israel

I believe this book will revolutionize the way both the spiritual and secular world relate to food, and ultimately to themselves. Through following this program I am starting to see how my eating choices impact me on a physical, ethical, and spiritual level. Second Nature

Sima, Ohio, USA

Growing up, I was always at a healthy weight and quite fit. As I reached my early thirties, the pounds started creeping on, and before I knew it, I was 40 pounds overweight. I tried to lose weight with any diet that promised rapid results. However, due to a stressful job and many communal responsibilities, it never lasted. I could never find the time to get to a gym, and constant business travel made it hard to maintain a well-balanced diet. I was ready to give up. I was convinced that fitness and optimum health were only for the young and those people with a less stressful schedule. When I first heard about the 5 Skinny Habits, I was skeptical. It sounded too simple and good to be true. But I was prepared to give it a chance. I was amazed at the results. I changed just one habit a week, and within a few weeks I started to see and feel the difference. In a little over 3 months, I had lost 30 pounds. It’s a truly wonderful feeling, and I can see how my new self-image has had an impact on all areas of my life. My dating life has never been better. I certainly cannot complain about having to buy a whole new closet of clothing. It is amazing to feel young and confident again. Thank you! Lost over 30 pounds

David, Brooklyn, USA


See what the professionals have to say

Dr. Charlene Wolberg, M.D.,Medical Director – Linkfield Obesity Clinic, Johannesburg, RSA
Obesity (from the Latin obesus, “one who has become plump from eating”) first appears in Western medical literature in Thomas Venner’s Via Recta in 1620. However, many centuries before, the ancient physicians had already addressed this subject—a disease that was first reported almost 400 years ago in Western medical literature but whose incidence continues to rise in epidemic proportions.

Obesity is a chronic, multifaceted disease that requires multimodal management. To achieve success, significant life changes need to be made. Dietary manipulation, an increase in physical activity, and behavior modification need to be introduced. The shortcoming of many diet programs is that they focus on only one aspect of the problem without acknowledging that obesity has multiple causes. A holistic, balanced approach is required if one hopes to achieve and maintain success in weight management.

The 5 Skinny Habits puts forward a weight-loss program that addresses dietary, exercise, and behavioral aspects of eating. I like the idea of combining ancient sources with current opinion. The current medical literature and advice is all sound and well researched. The eating plan itself certainly fits all the current recommended guidelines.

One of the misconceptions people have about weight loss is that rapid and large changes are desirable or even possible. The importance of gradual and sustained changes is emphasized in this book. Our medical teachers often remind us that teachings that were once regarded as outdated and obsolete regularly come back into practice when new facts about them are discovered. The understanding of proper nutrition is returning to the principles espoused by Maimonides.

It is my belief that this book will be of great benefit to those who read it and apply its principles appropriately.

Barbie Lazar, MS, RD, LD/N
The 5 Skinny Habits offers a comprehensive and realistic approach to adopting a healthy lifestyle. Zulberg accurately addresses the need for inner transformation, and development of new perceptions and habits, in achieving long-lasting results. It is fascinating how he creates a parallel between the ancient wisdom of the “Master Physicians” and modern-day science. Using evidence-based practices from multiple disciplines, Zulberg has developed a program that integrates behavioral therapy, cardio/strength training, and sensible dietary practices.

As a dietitian I discourage fad diets, as they are not practical in the long term and have the potential to be counterproductive. The Skinny Habits on the other hand are quite the opposite. They are based on the most current research as supported by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and government initiatives such as the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Zulberg’s work confirms that concepts like increasing fruit and vegetable intake, choosing whole grains over refined products, including lean sources of protein, and drinking a glass of red wine with your meal have been proven effective throughout the ages.

This book is an easy and enjoyable read. I strongly recommend that everyone include a copy ofThe 5 Skinny Habits in their libraries and that they read it over and over again.

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, MD, Gateway Rehabilitation Center, Pennsylvania
Maimonides was court physician to the sultan of Egypt. The sultan once asked him, “How can I tell that you are a competent physician? You have never treated me for any illness, because I am healthy.” Maimonides responded, “The reason you have not been ill is because you have followed my instructions. The skill of a physician is to prevent one from becoming ill.” Maimonides describes a course for healthy living and makes the bold claim that whoever adheres to his instructions will not become ill and will die only of old age.

Several years ago, David Zulberg wrote The Life-Transforming Diet, based on the nutritional hygienic and behavioral teachings of the great Middle Age physician, philosopher, and codifier of Torah law, Moses Maimonides. Rather than being a historic relic, it turned out to be a practical modern guide for healthy living.

Zulberg has now expanded his research on Maimonides and classic and contemporary sources on behavior modification, a technique that can be both psychotherapeutic as well as personally pragmatic. The 5 Skinny Habits is a welcome source of guidance for both the professional and the layperson.

R’ Tzvi Kushelevsky – Rosh Yeshiva Heichel Hatorah
I was happy to see Zulberg’s compilation as he has gathered and presented a book in an orderly and beautiful form. Through his hard work and effort, he has simplified the study and understanding of the great Doctor’s writings, Rambam, and to act according to his dictates.
R’ Yisroel Belsky – Rosh Yeshiva Torah Vdaas, OU
Zulberg has made a valuable contribution by the publication of his masterful work, The Life Transforming Diet. He has done an important service in providing a popular setting and scintillating attractiveness for what is usually resisted for its restrictiveness and deprivation.
R’ Shmuel Kamentsky – Rosh Yeshiva Philadelphia
Zulberg has made a good contribution, as we still live, exist and rely upon the words of Rambam.
R’ Dovid Goldwasser – Eating disorder expert
Having had the privilege, for the past decade, of working with people suffering from eating disorders, it is a particular ‘simcha’ for me to see that Zulberg has put out a monumental work entitled The Life Transforming Diet.
R’ Berel Wein – Expert on Jewish history
The wisdom of Maimonides has stood the test of time and his good advice on exercise, diet and sleep are well accepted by doctors, nutritionists and health experts today. Zulberg’s book makes it simple for anyone to regulate life habits in a healthful and positive fashion. It will be a great addition to one’s library and way of life.
R’ Leib Kelemen – Neve Yerushelaim
Zulberg has performed an invaluable service by assembling a plan for healthy living that is consistent both with the advice of our sages and the findings of modern medicine. His work is unique among diet/exercise guides in its reasonable tone and moderate approach.
Tova Singer, MS, RD, CDN—New York, USA
Diet philosophies are a dime a dozen. Each belief promises to help participants lose weight fast, with great ease, all the while claiming to be the only true, sustainable diet.

In my 10-plus years as a dietitian I have seen and heard them all. However, I have never come across one that is as universally successful as the 5 Skinny Habits. David Zulberg’s approach is both unique and time tested. Ancient wisdom may have been limited in its resources, but that’s what differentiates this diet from all the fad diets. There is no fad or trend here, just sound emotional, physical, and nutritional advice.

While many of the newer diet programs focus on our access to exotic food types or exercise paraphernalia, the 5 Skinny Habits focus on the right mind-set to sustain the right eating habits with a consistent exercise routine. Written in simple, laymen’s terms, it is an easy plan to follow and more importantly manageable to maintain for the long term. If more health-conscious individuals would follow this logical dietary routine, the prevalence of obesity, sickness, and disease would surely lessen, and a greater quality of life of overall health would ensue.

Rabbi Akiva Tatz, MD, England
This book provides a detailed practical program for maintaining an excellent nutritional program in the long term. This program will help to control weight and improve health, both physical and psychological. As with anything worthwhile, effort will be required, but with the insights and advice contained here the path will be easier, and indeed should be enjoyable.
Natascha Louw
, MA, Biokineticist and Fitness Specialist
The research in this book is exemplary. The sources used for the exercise guidelines—the American College of Sports Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association—are the most accurate and well recognized as leaders in the sports medicine and wellness industry.

At FIFA Medical Conference, Professor Karim Kahn spoke about how inactivity is killing the American population, as it leads to chronic diseases and obesity. The 5 Skinny Habits cardio advice and eight-strengthening-exercises routine is a total-body workout, which can be mastered in the comfort of your own home.

Most diets are expensive and still lead back to old bad habits. This program teaches how to implement small and practical steps. My patients love the program, as they experience results in a defined time frame. I recommend this book not only to people who want a permanent solution but also to professionals in the field.

Cindy. M, R.D., USA
As a registered dietitian, I was very excited to read The 5 Skinny Habits. Merging ancient wisdom and current-day research, David Zulberg’s 5 Skinny Habits is profound in its simplicity. Simple, because it goes back to basic, fundamental principles that have been with us from the earliest days of recorded medicine. Profound, because it recognizes that the internal motivation to get healthy must be present in an individual before change can happen. Once the motivation is there, the approach Zulberg lays out is well balanced, gradual, manageable, adaptable, and sustainable. He is sympathetic toward the inevitable setbacks and offers clear guidelines to get back on track. This book is so much more than a weight-loss plan—it is a life-transformation plan.
Danielle Jacobs, Certified Personal Trainer, NY, USA
As a certified professional trainer for the past 15 years in the field of fitness including spin, boot camp, hip-hop, and total-body conditioning . . . I am always excited when I see a new member at the gym that is enthusiastic about starting an exercise program.

Unfortunately many times this passion wanes due to schedule, failure to see immediate results, life’s challenges, and sometimes, simple laziness. At the core, people often fail to build a solid exercise habit. They are too anxious to lose weight or have unrealistic expectations. The truth is, maintaining an exercise program requires patience, perseverance, and implementation at the right pace.

I love the 5 Skinny Habits exercise routine because it offers so many different options with solid results, if it is followed correctly. It is suitable for any age or gender. Most importantly, it builds an exercise habit at the right pace. It is remarkable to read the nutritional and fitness insights through the centuries. I would definitely recommend this well-balanced and practical exercise program!

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