Meet WWB’s Latest ‘Wise Guru’, Author of ‘The 5 Skinny Habits How Ancient Wisdom Can Help You Lose Weight’

Lauroly Welcome- Welcome David to World Wise Beauty. I am so excited about sharing your book ‘5 Skinny Habits How Ancient Wisdom Can Help You Lose Weight’, because we both share a great interest in seeking out wisdom that is ‘timeless’. I was so impressed how you set forth to study ancient master philosophers like Maimonides, Hippocrates and Galen and then trained to become a health coach yourself.

What is really inspiring to me is your personal journey, and how you not only found your healthy weight, but also your vocational calling. Your personal story and struggle with weight really struck me, because it is so familiar to many adults who were relatively thin in their younger years, and then began to gain weight as life became busier and more demanding. The great surprise you share with us, is ancient society had the same issues with ‘overeating’ and leading a sedentary lifestyle too. Hippocrates warned people to get out more and exercise! Who knew?! Your book ultimately teaches us that maintaining a desirable weight and staying healthy is really a question of good habits and choices. Ahh yes, but do we always make them?

Good habits and healthy choices sounds like any diet out there, but through your study of ancient texts we learn that habit formation is an emotional and psychological challenge. When applied to diets it’s something much deeper than just counting calories.

Lauroly Q- You begin your book with a very wise call to action, ‘Listen to Your Body’, which you almost never hear out there in the ‘diet world’. Tell us more about how important this is to our health and how you developed your wellness principles based on sound ancient wisdom. I feel your first chapter in the book is so important. As you state in your book, the main goal of 5 Skinny Habits is to restore your natural rhythm by reinstating the integrity of your natural internal system. In other words ‘Listen to your Body’…

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